Tenafly New Jersey covers a 4.4 square mile location and is home to over 13,000 people. The area has become known for its schools and unique character. The land has determined the building and development, and the hills and valleys of Tenafly are the aesthetic focus of the community. A Mayor and Council are chosen through partisan elections since Tenafly has become a Borough.

What has attracted people most to Tenafly has been the amazing school systems, housing, superb recreational facilities, many diverse houses of worship, parks and woodlands, and quality borough services. This historic town’s Welcoming Committee is comprised of volunteers from the community. The committee personally welcomes new residents to the community and also hosts new resident events each year.

Tenafly Parks & Recreation

Tenafly is known for its beautiful parks and recreational areas. The borough offers many parks to relax and spend the day at and activities for people of all ages to participate in.


The Tenafly Nature Center
The Tenafly Nature Center is located on almost 400-acres of preserved land. The area includes more than seven miles of trails, streams, and a 3-acre Pfister's Pond. The Tenafly Nature Center is mostly maintained by volunteers and is the perfect place to enjoy the surrounding nature and wildlife.

Tenafly Recreation
People of all ages can find the perfect recreational activity at the Tenafly Recreation Center. Tenafly Recreation also offers seasonal activities and special events. There is a youth sports program and also a six week summer camp that is available. At the Roosevelt Common, there is a skate park which is open to all skateboarders and in-line skaters.

The Jewish Community Center on the Palisades
Members of the Jewish Community Center are able to take advantage of the many facilities offered including outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, indoor track, and state-of-the-art fitness center. Also available to members is a nursery school, kindergarten, and after school program.

The Knickerbocker Country Club
The Knickerbocker Country Club offers golf, tennis, and a swimming pool.
188 Knickerbocker Road. Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
P: (201) 568.1460
F: (201) 568.0026

The Tenafly Senior Center
The Tenafly Senior Center serves as an information and referral service. There is also a shopping van that can be coordinated for use to senior citizens. The Tenafly Senior Center also offers a diverse range of classes, workshops, travel opportunities, and guest speakers.
Municipal Senior Center
20 South Summit Street
Tenafly, N.J. 07670

Monday through Friday
9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Telephone: 201-569-2159

Tenafly Youth Center
The Borough of Tenafly offers an afterschool program for middle and high school residents.  Under the guidance of the Department of Youth Services. The Tenafly Youth Center is a great place for middle school and high school students of Tenafly to spend their time after school or on the weekends. This safe, fun environment is an enjoyable place where the youth can spend their free time.
Monday-Thursday-3:00 -9:00 pm
Friday-3:00-11:00 pm
Saturday-12:00-8:00 pm

Tenafly Schools

Tenafly Public Schools

Tenafly Public Schools serve 3,680 students, with four primary schools, a middle school, and a high school, which was named by New Jersey Monthly in 1996 as the best in the state. Tenafly NJ boasts a broad range of advanced placement and honors courses, including an interdepartmental humanities honors class which focuses on the historical and cultural development of Western civilization. More than 95% of graduates go on to higher education. Another noteworthy aspect of the school system is its music program, which runs from kindergarten through graduation. There is also a gifted and talented kids program called the Talent Bank, where volunteer boost classroom programs with their practical experience. The combined average SAT score for 2004-2005 was 1216.
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Mackay Elementary School
Maugham Elementary School
Smith Elementary School
Stillman Elementary School
Tenafly Middle School
Tenafly High School

Tenafly Private Schools

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School was established in 1879 under the direction of Reverend Theodore McDonald, O.Carm., the third pastor. it has flourished through the years and continues to maintain a stable population with waiting lists for various grades. Academic ExcellenceO.L.M.C. meets all New Jersey State Standards. Students are introduced to new tasks through a
variety of activities that guides the sequential development of skills. Religion is not only taught formally in the classrooms
but permeates the entire academic program.

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Spring School
Educators such as Hirsch bemoan the fact that most schools today teach isolated facts: this week a unit on plants, and next week a unit on planets. There is no overall plan to teach the history of our culture, and graduates are "culturally illiterate." At the Spring School we have developed a unique curriculum, one which, while based on Montessori principles, sets us apart even from other Montessori schools. All students, from Kindergarten through 8th grade, work through a four-year integrated curriculum.

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The Montessori House
The Montessori House is a learning place carefully designed to help each child become an independent and self directed explorer. In this house the children will experience the satisfaction of learning to do for themselves. Utilizing special Montessori materials, they will begin their discovery of the secrets of language, reading, numbers, art, music and the wonders of the world around them. They are rewarded with the soul stirring awareness of their own progress and accomplishment.
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Childrens Corner
34 West Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
Tel: (201) 894-0555

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