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The Teaneck Public Schools are a multicultural K-12 district on the cutting edge of educational practice and reform. Located just a few miles from New York City, Teaneck NJ affords its residents the best of both worlds: tranquil suburban living yet sophisticated in so many ways, particularly in the way in which we provide education to the nearly 4,300 students in our care.The Teaneck Public Schools system includes four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The combined average SAT score for 2004-2005 is 975. 
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Teaneck Private Schools

Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School 
Ma’ayanot is a Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, New Jersey, that combines a host of things important to a Jewish teenager committed to an orthodox Jewish life style. At Ma’ayanot you can learn in an academically challenging environment that brings out the best in you. The learning style at Ma’ayanot empowers its students to master text –based learning in both Judaic and secular studies. You will learn b’chavruta in both your Judaic Studies and secular classes, cracking the texts with a friend so you acquire the skills to figure things out on your own and think critically. At Ma’ayanot, you will be taught the skills to learn independently and become a lifelong learner. The teachers at Ma’ayanot are student-centered—they work with every single girl to help her achieve her potential, whether the student is a gifted, natural learner or she experiences academic challenges. 
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The Community School, Inc 
The Community School is a special place. Separate elementary and high school programs provide bright students with learning disabilities and attention deficits a strong specialized academic program. The program is individually designed to meet all the content, remedial and developmental needs of the learning disabled student. 
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Torah Academy of Bergen County 
Welcome to Torah Academy of Bergen County located in Teaneck, NJ, minutes from the George Washington Bridge. We offer a comprehensive Judaic Studies Program in addition to college preparatory courses emphasizing English, history, mathematics, the sciences and technology. We are proud of our graduates who continue their studies at yeshivot in Israel and institutions of higher learning in the United States. 90% of our 2007 graduates are currently spending this year studying in Medinat Yisrael 
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The Sinai School 
We serve children of above to above average intelligence with different degrees of learning disability. We accept children with a wide variety of behavioral characteristics provided that our evaluation indicates that they may respond favorably to our programming.We want every Jewish child to have the opportunity to become a functional member of the Jewish community. We believe in the social value inherent in an inclusive setting in which motivation is heightened and educational and social goals are met with success. 
(The information above is cited from https://www.sinaiinstitute.org. For this and more information, please visit this link)

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