Englewood Cliffs NJ Schools

Englewood Cliffs NJ Schools
The public schools in Englewood Cliffs NJ offer a complete, quality program of education for all of its children, grades K-8 in its two schools. A warm, nurturing, child-centered environment exists at both the North Cliff School and the Upper School. Englewood Cliffs Public School District is comprised of two schools: Grades K through 2 are in the North Cliff School, located on Floyd Street; Grades 3 through 8 are in the Upper School, located on Charlotte Place. At present, High School students attend Dwight Morrow High School in the City of Englewood. 
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Englewood Cliffs Private Schools 

Many students attend various private or magnet schools in the surrounding areas such as:

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General Information

Palisades Near Englewood Cliffs One of Bergen County’s most wealthy bedroom communities, Englewood Cliffs New Jersey is located atop the Palisades just north of Fort Lee. This location makes a trip to New York City hassle-free and one of the major qualities of this area, Englewood Cliffs is only 5 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. The small population of Englewood Cliffs, just under 6,000, typically commutes to other towns or New York City for work and children living in Englewood Cliffs attend classes in neighboring towns.

This small New Jersey borough may not have that largest population, but it is still home to some rather big-name residents. Englewood Cliffs is home to the corporate headquarters for many large businesses, where their home offices can be found along the "Billion Dollar Mile" of Sylvan Avenue. Those large corporations with home offices in Englewood Cliffs include CNBC, Unilever, Ferrari and Maserati North America. These corporate citizens help keep the property tax rate in Englewood Cliffs extremely low as well.

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Englewood Cliffs History

William O. Allison, the first Mayor, is to be credited with the founding of the Englewood Cliffs borough. Allison was the prime supporter of the people of Englewood Cliffs splitting from the originally township of Englewood in 1895. Englewood Cliffs was then incorporated later that year.

Englewood Cliffs is most famous for the Revolutionary War battle that occurred here over 200 years ago and the nearby bridge that was named in honor of the Revolution’s most famous general, General George Washington. The George Washington Bridge was constructed a mere mile away from Englewood Cliffs in 1931. After the bridge’s completion, real estate skyrocketed within Englewood Cliffs causing the city to adopt several building and zoning codes, some have said that those codes were some of the wisest regulations ever to be set down on paper. After the codes were adopted, Englewood Cliffs grew into the high-class family and corporate home it is today.


Englewood Cliffs Parks & Recreation

Englewood Cliffs RecreationThough Englewood Cliffs does not have much to offer in terms of community features, that does not mean it is totally lacking in that department. There are several organizations, facilities, and programs available to Englewood Cliffs residents for their recreational and athletic needs. Some of the service organizations include the Senior Citizens Club, Democratic and Republican Clubs, UNITI, Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce.

The recreation program that is in operation year round helps maintain activities such as Little League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, Babe Ruth League, Basketball, Ponytail Softball, Soccer, and Summer Camps. These programs almost always occur on or with services provided by the borough’s 7 tennis courts, two playgrounds, and athletic field.

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