Englewood NJ Schools

Englewood Public School District 

Closter NJ SchoolsEnglewood Public School District serves students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. For high school, students from Englewood Cliffs attend Dwight Morrow High School as part of a sending/receiving relationship with the Englewood Cliffs Public Schools. The Englewood Public School District serves students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
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Quarles Early Childhood School 
McCloud Elementary School 
Greico Elementary School 
Janis E. Dismus Middle School 
Dwight Morrow High School 

Englewood Private Schools 

Elisabeth Morrow School 
The Elisabeth Morrow School is an Independent co-educational country day school serving age three through grade eight, established 1930 on a 14-acre campus in Englewood New Jersey, and combining academics with arts, music and sports in a challenging, creative environment. 
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Dwight-Englewood School 
Dwight-Englewood School offers a seamless education experience from preschool through grade 12 and gives students the highest quality preparation for college and university work while fostering independent thinking; the ability to solve problems; and the skills, tolerance, and integrity it takes to thrive in our multifaceted world. Dwight-Englewood students are bright, motivated learners whose backgrounds reflect the cultural, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity of the area. The school enrolls about 940 students from over 80 communities in Bergen and Hudson Counties in New Jersey and Rockland County and Manhattan in New York. 
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The Moriah School 
Serving as "a home away from home" for children from nursery through the eighth grade, Moriah has become one of the largest yeshivas in Bergen County. It is recognized for its pursuit of educational excellence, its commitment to developing the fullest potential of each of its students, and most importantly, its dedication to produce learned and fully committed Torah-observant Jews. 
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General Information

George Washington BridgeThe city of Englewood is located in Bergen Country and is home to over 26,000 people. Englewood’s unique charm, character, and history combine to give the city a sophisticated feeling. Englewood offers many different types of homes, from elaborate Victorian mansions to modern low-rise condominiums, residential neighborhoods, estates, and affordable apartments. Englewood is very close to New York City, giving Englewood’s residents easy access to many jobs and businesses.

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Englewood History

The village of Englewood was part of Hackensack Township from its inception until 1871. Then, the state legislature divided Bergen County into the four townships that became Hackensack, Palisade, Ridgefield, and Englewood. The state legislature made an act in 1894 that eliminated large township school districts and made each municipality a separate district. Residents had to pay off the debts of the old district on a pro-rata basis. Boroughs, towns, villages and cities were exempted from the law. Consequently, there was a rush to form such governments and Englewood moved to incorporate as a city in 1896. Because of a defect in state legislation, the process was not completed until March 1899.


Englewood Parks & Recreation

Englewood Parks   

Flat Rock Brook Nature Center
Flat Rock Brook Nature Center is a 150-acre preserve and education center that is located on the western slope of the Palisades in Englewood. The Center was established in 1973 by citizens who were deeply committed to land conservation and environmental education. As one of the last natural woodlands of the Palisades Forest, the preserve is managed by the Flat Rock Brook Nature Association. Their purpose is to maintain and preserve the lands as a natural environment that is available to the public for trail walks, nature studies, and other activities.

The Woman's Club of Englewood
The Women’s Club of Englewood was founded in 1895 and has been serving the community for over 105 years. Volunteers of the non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian organization work to serve and contribute to needs on the local, state and national level.

The Bergen Family Center
The Bergen Family Center supports, strengthens, and enriches family life through innovative programs and quality services.


Englewood Attractions

Englewood ShoppingEnglewood’s Architectural Heritage
Englewood has five surviving stone Dutch Colonial farmhouses on Grand Avenue. They are all listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places. The city abounds in Victorian and early 20th century houses and has several churches from the Victorian period.

Englewood Shopping
Englewood’s shopping area is perhaps the most interesting and exciting in New Jersey. There are over 300 ground floor retail and restaurant operators. Englewood offers a variety of goods and services that exceeds many malls and downtowns in the metropolitan area. In Englewood you will find some of the most independent entrepreneurs in the state, which makes the city a destination for many upscale shoppers.

The Bergen Performing Arts Center
The Bergen Performing Arts Center is located in the downtown shopping area and offers world class entertainment. After the John Harms Center closed, the Bergen Performing Arts Center emerged. In April 2003, a group of citizens formed together and developed a business plan to forge a true public and private partnership, engaging all sectors of the community and bringing together corporations, governments and residents, each adding the commitment and support necessary to revitalize this unique arts center.

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