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General Information

Closter NJ BrooksThe Borough of Closter is located in Bergen County, New Jersey, covers 3.3 miles of land and is home to over 8,000 people. Closter is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. Although only 16 miles north of New York City, residents of Closter mostly prefer to enjoy their community that offers a combination of nature centers, brooks, a wild life refuge, and a recreational pond for fishing and ice skating. The community highly values education and their volunteers. Along with their quiet neighborhoods, Closter offers a few mini shopping malls and amazing restaurants.   

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Closter Public Schools 

Closter Public Schools is governed by the Board of Education. The Closter NJ school system has some 900 students, spread among grades kindergarten through 8. Closter has a low ratio of teachers to students, about 1 to 15. Closter High School students attend Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, which was ranked 19th among New Jersey Schools. 94% of the school's graduates go on to higher education. With computers and Internet access, the high school is one of the most technologically advanced in the country, receiving the Blue Ribbon honors in technology. The combined average SAT score for 2004-2005 is 1173. 
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Lindgren Preschool

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Closter History

It is believed that Closter received its name from Frederick Closter, who received a grant of several thousand acres as a military reward from King Charles I of England. The lands which later came to be the Village of Closter played a key role in the fight for independence during the Revolutionary days. Although no major battles were fought in Closter, it was a scene of many foraging raids by both the British and Continental armies.

After the Civil War, Closter prospered. The arrival of the Northern Railroad to the area increased commerce. By 1888, Closter was an affluent community that was filled with farmlands, a commerce area, and transportation by rail to and from New York City.

Closter Parks & Recreation

The Recreation Commission of Closter sponsors a majority of the community’s recreational activities. Along with 4 local parks, Closter features 25-acres of conservation area, 5 public playgrounds, 4 athletic fields, and a private swimming pool. Many activities are available for the youth including baseball, softball, soccer, fishing, and tennis. In the summertime, Closter offers a free Summer Recreation Program. This includes a plethora of activities including a magic show, petting zoo, pony rides, and arts and crafts. There is also an Adult Recreation Program that features basketball, softball, and volleyball.



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